SINCE 1969

Grown in Idaho Since 1962

We are committed to the consumers of Central Idaho. We operate close to our market area and we know what works well in Central Idaho. We only market plant varieties that will thrive for you and your customers.

The Art & Science
of Plant Growth

Experience makes all the difference. Growing quality plants isn’t as simple as planting a seed. To create a plant that is truly unique in it’s quality you must have a harmonized balance of art and science; an understanding of both biology and aesthetics. Our knowledge is born of experience and experimentation. We are continuously changing our varieties and techniques to improve the quality of the plants we produce.

We pioneered the use of geothermal heat in the greenhouse industry, enabling us to create superior plants that thrive through the process of transport, shelving and re-planting. We work with one goal in mind; to provide the highest quality plants available through patients and care. We want our customers to share the simple joyful escape of gardening.

No Surprises
Just Beautiful Plants

By serving local businesses, we keep our footprint small. This makes it possible for us to serve you without charging shipping and freight. These charges raise your costs and lower your profits. Eliminating these costs is just one way we try to help you succeed.

Slow down
& Put down
Some Roots

Every plant we sell has slow release potting soil in its container. This form of fertilizer provides a constant day in, day out food source for containerized plants keeping them green and healthy at your stores. This significantly extends the shelf life of the plant and raises its visual appearl. Slow release fertilizers are known for being very expensive so you won’’t likely see this from anyone else.

Plant Production

300 + varieties
Locally Viable
Custom Programs

Our production cycle is year round, allowing us to deliver the right plants; poinsettias, bedding plants and vegetables, at the right times.

Your location budget and customers all play a part in the creation of a plant program that will be successful for you and your customers.
We pride ourselves on our flexibility. To us there is no such thing as a one size fits all plant program. There is always someone available to take your calls, create special orders or help you plan your upcoming sales.

Grown With Sustainable
Geothermal Heat

For the last 46 years we
have used 100% sustainable
geothermal heat .
Geothermal heat allows us
to flow fresh air and sunlight
through our greenhouses
Heartier and Healthier

We use 100% sustainable geothermal energy to heat our greenhouses. For us being "green" isn’t a new idea; it’s the way we have run our business since 1962.  Geothermal heat is the cleanest and smartest way to heat a greenhouse. Cost efficiency is unmatched and there are no industrial wastes created in this process. Geothermal heat allows us to flow fresh air and sunlight through our greenhouses day and night. Clean air and sunlight makes strong, healthy, upstanding plant material able to handle the challenge of shipping and shelving. Greenhouses that use oil or propane to heat are forced to keep their greenhouses closed to minimize heat loss. This stagnant humid environment can make soft unhealthy specimens with a dreary tired look. These plants lack the visual appeal needed to make sales.

You might say we have an unfair advantage, and you’re probably right. We’re local, and sustainable; we have stronger plants, lower costs, and we’re better looking (our plants of course). Most importantly we have great customers that we have been honored to serve for decades.